Rise of the homeworker

According to the 2009 Labour Force Survey there are 691,000 people in the UK whose commute to work consists of no more than a short shuffle across the landing from bathroom to spare bedroom, or a stroll past the veg patch to the ‘office’/shed at the bottom of the garden. These people are homeworkers and they have increased in number by nearly 100,000 since the last survey in 2006. This article on the Guardian website gives lots more facts and figures about the rise of this phenomenen and discusses some of the (mostly) pros and (relatively few) cons.  While the gist of this article is about being an employed homeworker, there are also many people working from home for themselves.

If you’re running your own business, the ability to run it from your own home has another, very important, advantage: it’s a lot cheaper than renting office space. This is one of the reasons that Auditel is such a low-overhead business opportunity. If you’ve got a computer, internet access and a phone, you’ve got all the infrastructure you need to be one of our cost and purchase management consultants.

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