Succeed in a tough economy with Auditel

An Auditel franchise provides a proven route to self-employment even in tricky economic circumstances

Auditel is a white-collar business consultancy franchise whose franchisees (affiliates) provide a wide range of cost management and procurement services to clients. Clients are able to enjoy substantial savings from our improved supplier arrangements and affiliates are able to generate a substantial income for themselves. Affiliates build a business that enables them to collaborate with and draw upon one another’s skills and experiences, so the Auditel network has immense knowledge, depth and diversity.

In such unprecedented times, there are plenty of reasons why franchising is an extremely good option for those with the right skill set. There are a host of benefits from owning a business franchise, not least a feeling of empowerment and control over your own finances and working patterns.

Higher success rate in franchising

Starting a business can be tough; after five years the majority of new businesses have closed their doors but franchising is proven to have a higher success rate.  You are buying into a proven business system, a recognised name, and support from the franchisor in the shape of financial, operational and sales and marketing support amongst many other aspects of Intellectual Property.  In Auditel’s case, you get the benefit of all we have learned since our launch in 1994.

Banks are more supportive of proven franchise models

Another benefit of a franchise against a stand-alone business is that it is also easier to find and secure financing. British banks have been a great support to the franchise sector, which according to the last HSBC/BFA survey in 2018 generates more than £17billion per annum for the UK economy, an increase of £2billion since 2015.

Flexibility and control

Auditel affiliates also benefit from the feeling of being much more in control of their own destiny than they felt in their previous careers. The clients they choose to work with, what work they choose to do and how much they want to work and earn all factors into this feeling of being in charge of their own lives.

Proven, profitable, successful

Auditel has been in business more than 25 years and has already negotiated difficult market circumstance. Our business model which helps clients to save money on their overhead costs, is uniquely in need in times of both boom and bust. When organisations are growing, unnecessary additional cost increases the drag and reduces pace. Conversely, when times are hard, saving money is a priority.

Organisations need to save money, now

Organisations are now looking for help and expertise that can provide innovative ways to save money, as they realise that they do not possess the knowledge and expertise to achieve this alone. Procurement can play a huge part in helping to ease the pain of the coronavirus crisis. Whilst a constriction of the economy is going to be tough for most businesses, leaders will need to be both innovative and resilient to survive.

According to Nick Tubb, Auditel’s Head of Recruitment:

Nick Tubb, Franchise Manager, Auditel“Auditel has known for many years that many business and other organisations regularly pay over the odds, wasting billions each year on procuring goods and services such as business supplies and services, IT & communications, logistics, transport and travel, print, postage, premises and utilities. Businesses are realising that if they are to make it out the other side of this, they can simply no longer afford to waste that money.”

With a global economic downturn stimulating demand for our services, this presents a substantial opportunity for new franchisees. By joining and utilising the strength of the Auditel network, you have an opportunity to provide game-changing services for clients at a time when they have never needed it more, whilst building your own successful business with the control, flexibility and rewards you desire”

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