Flurry Of Activity As Three New Partners Join Auditel’s Winter Training Programme

Auditel start 2023 with three new Partner Businesses joining the Auditel Business Community

Despite the freezing temperatures, ice and snow at the start to the year, Auditel’s partner network growth programme has started with a real flurry as Head of Partner Recruitment Nick Tubb welcomes three new ‘Member Firms’ (or Partners) to the Auditel Business Community for their Winter training programme, the first of six induction programmes throughout the year ahead. 

With businesses under pressure to both reduce costs and to measure and reduce carbon, demand for Auditel services are extremely high.  There is an exciting buzz around the entire network, and for new Auditel Partners, now is the perfect time to explore starting an Auditel business.  As well as the three new Member Firms joining the Auditel Business Community in January, there are also three more already booked on for courses in March and May 2023.

Nick Tubb, Franchise SpecialistNick Tubb explains why Auditel is so popular and presents such a significant opportunity to those seeking to start a new business or build one alongside existing activities. “Although the current economic circumstances are far from ideal for many, they do however present a very significant opportunity too for new Auditel Partners.  Businesses are desperately trying to reduce costs and of course the increased prices in the energy sector are hitting everyone hard, but this is Auditel’s core area of expertise so receptiveness for how Auditel can help in delivering energy management or alternative energy solutions is very high right now.”

He continues “Added to this many businesses are under growing pressure to demonstrate environmental responsibility through measuring and reducing carbon emissions and wish to do this properly by becoming verified carbon neutral.  Auditel work to extremely high standards internally and also use verification partners such as BSI and NQA which sets Auditel apart from cheap services and low-quality carbon calculators or those providing unverified carbon reduction or neutrality claims. It’s important it is done carefully and fully.”

Explaining further, Tubb advises “The more organisations that start to measure and manage their carbon emissions, usually on a long-term journey to ‘Net Zero’, the more this has a knock-on effect to other businesses in their supply chain.  We are seeing some new Partners picking up lots of new client meetings within weeks of their business starting.  Even one of the new trainees who literally only trained in December already has had a bunch of new potential client meetings, with project proposals for carbon footprint reports or management plans being submitted. New Auditel Partners are getting started faster than ever. This really is a most exciting time to be starting an Auditel business.”

Duncan MasseyAberdeen-based Duncan Massey is amongst those joining Auditel.  With 20 years in engineering, finance and analytical roles in the Oil & Gas industry Duncan has recently attained a MSc in Energy Transition Systems.  He explains why Auditel was the right fit “I am passionate about the energy transition and helping businesses to first understand their carbon emissions and then look at ways of reducing them. This area has become a huge focus area for companies, with many businesses requiring help and advice in this area.

He adds “I was extremely interested in consulting in this fast-moving area and adding value for clients. Auditel has built a tremendous expertise in Carbon accounting and management, and together with their additional services in procurement are well equipped to help companies manage current high energy costs to find savings, understand their emissions and seek carbon reductions. I have been very impressed by the professionalism of Auditel and the drive and hands-on involvement of the leadership team. I think the group provides great solutions for business and I’m excited about getting started.

Dropping south of the border (but not by far) are Tarun & Naveen Sehgal from Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  Tarun has extensive corporate retail director experience across a number of recognised brands and together they already run a successful multi-site retail business.  They are keen to broaden their portfolio and are excited to develop a business that can support organisations in measuring and reducing their carbon emissions.

The SehgalsTarun explains “Working in the transport energy sector I can see the pressures on reducing fossil fuel use and developing renewable energy and alternative energy solutions across all industries and operation sectors, and recognise the opportunity of being part of this transformation where right now is a key moment.  Naveen and I are looking forward to getting started and supporting businesses in the North-East to reduce carbon and reduce costs. In the long-term we love the flexibility that Auditel offers and to have great control over our work/life balance.”

Naveen adds “We recognise that this like starting any new business requires hard work especially at the beginning but we have been extremely impressed by everything we’ve seen at Auditel and the longevity and success of the business and of it’s existing franchise partners is very comforting. We can’t wait to meet everyone together on training along with our fellow new Partner colleagues.”

Also joining, from London, is Robert Gersohn who managed operations for a Chartered Accountancy and Company Formations Specialist for many years.  Whilst his initial interest in Auditel stemmed partly from his own experience in cost reduction projects in his previous roles, Robert’s enthusiasm for Auditel has also been fuelled by the potential to learn new skills and develop expertise in different sectors, carbon in particular.

Robert says “I am very excited to be joining Auditel and was greatly impressed by everyone I spoke to as I conducted my research process. The existing Partners were very open, helpful and inspiring.  I am especially interested to learn about carbon auditing and hope to focus on projects in this sector in future, but I appreciate first and foremost I’ll be looking to engage with potential clients and get those first clients on board and projects underway.

With additional prospective Partners currently finalising the research process with a view to joining the Auditel Business Community over the months ahead, Auditel is attracting interest form people and existing consultants or small business directors seeking to join Auditel for a range of different purposes and benefits.  With three Partner business models starting from just £20,000 and with the scope to start at the base level and ‘upgrade’ as your business grows, the Associate Partner Business model is especially popular, especially as for many people it greatly reduces or removes the need for external funding.

Tubb concludes “I’m delighted to welcome Tarun & Naveen, Duncan & Robert into the Auditel Business Community, they’ll be well supported and looked after by the Head Office Team.  I’m excited for them as they start the journey of building their Auditel businesses and wish them all every success in reaching and hopefully exceeding their business and personal goals.

Make a difference and build a business to be proud of in 2023 by becoming a Member Firm of the Auditel Business Community.  To find out more about joining Auditel, and with limited training places available, speak to Nick Tubb on 07464 491067 or email nick.tubb@auditel.co.uk. Schedule a call.

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