Tomorrow’s World of Work Today

The Chartered Management Institute recently published a document called ‘The World in 2018’ – outlining what it believes to be the most probable picture of the world of work and management in 2018. The home as a place of work and business has a big part to play in this scenario planning.

This is what the Institute had to say about business models:

“Business models will change their nature, be more diverse, more customer-centric and change more quickly. We will see a polarisation of business models from global corporations to virtual-community-based enterprises. Large corporations will grow even bigger and there will be more small niche-oriented specialised associate businesses around.”

Auditel has been operating as a ‘virtual-community-based enterprise’ offering specialist niche services since 1994 so why wait until 2018 to be part of the new world of work? If you’d like to find out more about running your own Auditel consultancy, visit our website or call us on 0800 583 3355 for more information.

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