Top 10 Features of an Auditel Franchise

There are many considerations to factor in when exploring franchising, but what usually helps make the decision to take the ‘leap of faith’ into self-employment is assessing the benefits that will be gained by joining the franchise. 

Within Auditel, there are so many great features, we can even create a Top 10!  If you’re thinking about going into franchising, but not quite sure if it’s the right move for you, then please read our top reasons to take on an Auditel franchise.

  1. You are buying into a proven formula. Auditel have over 25 years’ experience helping people to start and grow their own successful businesses and have franchisees who are still running great franchises 20 years after joining.
  2. Strength in numbers. Auditel have built up a strong network of over 100 franchise partners with unrivalled knowledge, skills and expertise, who you can work with to help your clients become more productive, improve cash flow and increase business efficiency.
  3. Opportunity to challenge yourself. Auditel will give you the opportunity to use your experience and skills to make a real difference to other organisations and at the same time develop a great business of your own.
  4. Great earning potential. Building any business takes a little time and lots of hard work, but Auditel have many franchisees who can count themselves amongst the top 1% of UK income earners, with many earning over £200,000 per year.
  5. Comprehensive Training. The Auditel Training programme is highly regarded.  All new franchisees will receive extensive training which includes pre-training, classroom, online and home-based activities plus ongoing workshops, mentoring and access to a wide range of business tools and marketing materials.
  6. Support Programme. You will be in business for yourself not by yourself.  The Auditel support programme will help you achieve all of your business objectives, with weekly support calls, regional meetings, continued professional development and an annual national conference.
  7. Escape the corporate rat-race and be your own boss. Taking on an Auditel franchise will give you more control over your day with no more wasted time commuting to work or office politics to endure.
  8. Work/life balance. As an Auditel franchisee an ideal work/life balance can be achieved without sacrificing key factors such as income.  Franchisees have the flexibility to structure their time to suit their lifestyle which may involve wanting to spend quality time with family and friends and pursuing interests and hobbies.
  9. Exit plan options. Eventually, the time will come to want to put your feet up and relax, and it’s great to know that when you do, there are options for capitalising on your business and moving on.
  10. Develop a business that works for you.  Scalability is a wonderful feature within Auditel.  If you desire to grow a bigger business with many staff – you can!  It’s possible over time to place your business under management and get your Auditel business really working for you!

If some of these features appeal to you, then explore the rest of what Auditel has to offer!   Arrange a call to speak with Nick Tubb, Head of Recruitment or email to find out more today, or try your luck now on 01962 893067.

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