“Urgent climate action needed” warns leading Carbon Management specialist

Following news that record surface temperatures are recorded over the past year, experts warn more must be done

As announced in recent days by the EU’s climate service that global warming has exceeded 1.5c across a full year, industry experts are urging that more steps are taken to cut carbon emissions. Although this increase and breach does not break the ‘Paris Agreement’ it makes it increasingly likely that this will happen, and much sooner than scientists and experts predicted.  

Whilst scientific opinion is divided in respect of both the increase in global temperatures and the timeframe of growth, the impacts of increasing temperatures are being witnessed through global extremes with heatwaves and wildfires all over the world, droughts impacting on agriculture productivity, and then sustained concentrated rainfall leading to flooding.

Impact and pressures on UK organisations to do more

In the UK, with a Government commitment to Net Zero by 2050, many organisations are starting to take direct action to reduce carbon emissions, but often recognise they need help to do so, with SME’s in particular lacking the time, expertise and technical capabilities to measure, reduce and manage carbon emissions fully and effectively.  Robert Allison, Carbon Director of Auditel, a UK-wide network of 110 Carbon Management Consultants, outlines the challenges businesses face

Auditel co-owner and Director, Rob Allison

Auditel co-owner and Director, Rob Allison

We are receiving increasing numbers of calls and emails from organisations who wish to start taking steps to take action but are confused by exactly what they could or should do. The journey to Net Zero is a long one, but there are actions that businesses can take straight away that can have an immediate impact in reducing some of their carbon emissions.  At Auditel, we act as the long-term partner to guide organisations through the journey, undertaking auditing, reporting, compliance, reduction and supporting through high quality, verified solutions that our clients can trust. 

Our collaborative network of over 100 carbon specialists are constantly learning and sharing knowledge with each other, which gives us a vast resource compared to that which smaller and medium-sized businesses could muster by themselves.  Not only can those businesses harness our fantastic and wide-ranging resource, but to do so will often be at a cost far less than a direct employee who is effectively tackling this great task independently and we find they are often simply overwhelmed through no fault of their own.

Rob adds “Auditel has a unique advantage in the world of carbon solutions consultancy in that because we have 30-years background in cost management and procurement, Auditel Consultant’s can unlock value improvements and cost savings within an organisation.  These ‘hidden profits’ can fund investment in carbon reducing infrastructure, such as LED Lighting, Solar Panels and Electric Vehicles, but also enable our own services to be completely self-funding too!.  Auditel are already helping over 1000 clients in the UK but urgent climate action is needed so we are ready to help organisations who want to be responsible for doing what they can.”

Rapidly expanding to meet demand

With growing demand for services Auditel are looking to add a further fifty additional members to their carbon consulting team over the next twelve months, a mixture of Lead Partners, Carbon Analysts, Client Managers and other support team members, making them one of the largest carbon management organisations in the country.

With resource to support clients throughout the UK & Ireland, to find out how Auditel can help your business in all aspects of measuring your company carbon footprint, outlining a clear management programme, setting out and delivering carbon reduction projects and supporting in all the steps of verification, compliance and reporting, visit www.auditel.co.uk/contact or call 01962 863915.

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