Auditel Franchise FAQs

Auditel Franchise FAQ

Auditel and Cost Management

  • Who are Auditel?

    Auditel is the UK’s leading cost management franchise opportunity. Established in 1994, we have been franchising successfully since 1997 and achieved Full Membership of the British Franchise Association in 1998. Our network consists of over 200 franchisees. We have thousands of satisfied clients who have benefitted from our unique Total Cost of Purchase approach.

  • Is there much of a market for strategic cost management?

    In 2013, an Auditel-sponsored survey by Management Today showed that only 30% of respondents had any sort of cost management strategy in place, while 8 out of 10 boardrooms regularly have cost management on the agenda. Over 60% of them now recognise that strategic cost management, carried out by experts, can accelerate performance, improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage.

    This trend is reflected in Auditel’s sales which have grown by 70% in the last five years.

  • How flexible is the Auditel business model?

    Scalable business model

    You can build the scalable business you want. Some franchisees aspire to being business builders with a six-figure salary, but others prefer to find a niche that mirrors their specific knowledge.

    Work from home or an office

    You can run your Auditel business from your home or office. All you need to set it up is a business line, broadband and a computer. There are no fixed territories. You can approach organisations as near or far away as you are willing to travel and you can choose the hours that you work.

  • Is there much competition?

    There are lots of companies and practices who offer procurement and cost reduction services. There are also many organisations that attempt to carry out cost-cutting exercises in-house.

  • What is the size of the marketplace?

    The total cost of key services in the UK is staggering – communications £57.5bn, utilities £50bn, IT £15bn, finance £100bn plus, waste £18.5bn and premises management £105.7bn – and is set to grow even further. There are over 400,000 potential clients in the marketplace, the majority of whom increasingly recognise just how valuable it is to make savings and increase profitability.

  • What is the Auditel family and what are its values?

    The Auditel family

    As a franchise you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Your personal well-being and your professional success as an Auditel Consultant is important to everyone: the Head Office team, its outsourced specialists and the 200-strong Auditel network.

    Auditel’s values
    • Treat everybody connected with our business with respect
    • Care for everyone in Auditel and share our knowledge
    • Always strive to exceed expectations
    • Offer simple solutions to complex issues
    • Be a continual learner
    • Maximise our positive impact on the environment
    • Embrace change
    • Seek the positives and the opportunities in every situation
    • Be active members of the local community
    • Always strive to make a positive difference

Joining Auditel

  • Can I transfer my skills?

    You will be encouraged to put your existing skills and experience to good use.

    As part of the Auditel network, which comprises over 200 like-minded professionals, you can combine your skills with theirs to upsell your expertise to prospective clients.

  • Do I need any previous experience for this profession?

    Our consultants come from varied backgrounds. Some may have expertise in one of our service areas; others may have gained experience at senior management level or within a profession. But more important is a genuine interest in our work, a desire to be successful, and the ability to embrace challenges and to take on new opportunities. Our targeted training will very quickly enable you to become a fully-fledged Auditel Consultant.

  • What sort of training, mentoring and support will I be given?

    Auditel’s award-winning training, mentoring and support programmes

    We have over 45 trainers and mentors, many of them experienced franchisees. You will be given all the training, mentoring and support that you need to get your business off the ground and keep it on course.

    Regular support

    A Support Manager will be assigned to you who will regularly assess your growth and business strategy. At the same time, specialist mentors will be on hand to provide a variety of information, including how to attract new clients and specialist sector knowledge.

    Career development

    You will get the chance to attend a range of workshops designed to help you grow your business and hone your skills. Through one-to-one contact with client acquisition and technical project management trainers you can review your progress and develop plans for the future.

  • What exclusive processes, tools or knowledge will I have access to?

    Total Cost of Purchase®

    You will learn how to implement our game-changing cost management process, Total Cost of Purchase® – strategic cost management at its holistic best.

    Auditel business tools

    You will be trained to use our market-leading business and analysis tools. These tools have been developed and honed over the years to maximise efficiency and accelerate the cost management process.

    Auditel Business Management System (ABMS)

    You will gain access to the Auditel Business Management System (ABMS), which will quickly become the heartbeat of your business. This secure, cloud-based knowledge system puts 20 years of cost management experience and business critical data at your fingertips.

  • What is my status as a franchisee?

    You will be a self-employed businessperson within the Auditel network with continuous support from a head office team of over 20 members and over 200 like-minded professionals. You are in complete control of your working hours, your colleagues and your clients. You will also enjoy a far more flexible work-life balance within the security of an established and successful business model.

  • What is the time frame for becoming a franchisee?

    Our franchise recruitment team will direct you to our online resources including our digital prospectus, this website and the cost management site. They’d also recommend reading the franchise blog and watching a few of our videos on the Auditel YouTube channel. There are a number of “Why did I join Auditel” interviews which may be of interest.

    Once you have digested this information we’ll arrange for you to have a telephone interview. If the interview is successful and both parties are in agreement, you will be invited to a Discovery Seminar to discuss what we do and find out more about our training and support programmes. If our opportunity is right for you, we will build an action plan for you to consider. It will cover your due diligence process, review the franchise agreement, arrange funds if required, and finalise your personal marketing and business plan. A suitable training date will be offered. You can be in business within 1-3 months from your initial application if required or a longer period can be chosen.

  • Will I need staff and premises?

    You will not require staff or external premises since you can work from home. Some of our franchisees team up with a partner who can be trained with you at no extra cost. You may grow the business with up to 5 partners subject to additional fees.

Finance and Earnings

  • What is the cost of an Auditel franchise? What will I receive?

    The initial franchise fee for the UK is £37,950, plus VAT, and for Ireland €36,000, plus VAT. This entitles you to use the Auditel trade name and business system and includes your initial residential training courses, copies of all the operating manuals, access to the Auditel Business Management System and other online business management and analysis tools and a starter pack of stationery and marketing deliverables.

    All fees above are subject to the current rate of VAT.

    Among other things, these fees cover unlimited access to ongoing support, mentoring and training, your personal and professional development programme, innovation and development of the business system, updates to any existing business management and analysis tools and access to any new tools developed after you join, quarterly regional meetings, development of marketing deliverables and campaigns, and development and maintenance of supplier relationships.

  • How much can I earn?

    It depends on you and what your professional and personal goals are.

    An Auditel franchise is scalable and flexible allowing you to build the business you want. Franchises may be individuals, couples, practices, partnerships or joint ventures.

    Importantly, most Auditel franchises renew their agreements after 5, 10 and 15 years because they consistently meet or exceed their financial and personal targets.

  • Is the franchise agreement renewable? Will a cost be involved?

    The initial term of your franchise agreement will be 5 years. However, you will have the option to renew and there is no charge involved.

  • How do I find finance if required?

    The Auditel franchise is highly respected by all the major banks. We are able to introduce you to a local bank manager who is familiar with franchising. Up to 70% of any funding requirements may be provided.

  • Could I sell my business?

    Yes, this is possible and you should be able to realise your investment and the goodwill in the business.

Running your Business

  • What is a typical day for an Auditel franchisee?

    You might be in the marketplace seeking clients. You might be conducting an audit on a client’s business expenditure, presenting your findings, implementing your recommendations or monitoring the new services to ensure value is maintained. Some of our franchisees prefer to sell the concept, others to carry out the analysis. You might decide to do both or choose a colleague for the other aspect. Many of our franchisees work in joint ventures.

  • How do I find clients?

    Our simple, step-by-step client acquisition process will show you how to build a solid and profitable client base. It includes advice on how to effectively use your existing network of contacts, how to develop new networks and introducer of business relationships, how to run direct marketing and sequential marketing campaigns and how to generate referrals from existing, satisfied clients. We also have a team of dedicated telemarketers to make appointments for you.

  • Will I get any sales and marketing support?

    Auditel’s brand and reputation

    We work hard to ensure that Auditel has a strong and recognisable brand. Our growing reputation for supplying ethical, sustainable and effective cost management solutions is an important factor when it comes to winning new business.

    Auditel’s Client Acquisition Programme

    Finding a steady stream of new clients is the key to building any successful business. However, it’s not a skill that comes naturally to everyone. Auditel’s Client Acquisition Programme has been developed to help those who need help with this.

    Marketing Hub

    You will gain access to a whole range of hard and soft marketing collateral and unlimited support from our Marketing Hub for bespoke materials. You will also get your own Auditel website and social media support.

  • Will I be able to joint venture with other franchises in the Auditel network?

    Apart from providing you with over 200 virtual colleagues, the Auditel network is a potent source of business. The range of knowledge and expertise provides almost limitless opportunities to joint venture and upsell to your clients.

  • Are there any opportunities to earn passive income?

    Auditel’s Partnership Programme and more than 20 Additional Services provide you with many more opportunities to upsell and cross sell and develop passive income.

  • What is the opportunity for repeat business?

    You do not require huge numbers of clients. Your strategic cost management plan will provide immediate savings for a client, but also the opportunity to deliver sustained improvements well into the future. Your initial clientele should therefore provide you with an income for many years beyond the duration of the initial agreement.

  • Do you hold any regular events?

    Regional Meetings

    Once a quarter the Auditel Management Team host regional meetings where you can keep up-to-date with Auditel news and important marketplace developments.

    Annual Supplier Exhibition

    Our Annual Supplier Exhibition is one of the most important events in the Auditel calendar with stands occupied by up to forty of our leading strategic suppliers. It provides a unique opportunity to build invaluable supplier relationships, enhance your in-depth market knowledge and further enhance your profile as one of the leading providers of independent cost management services in the UK and Ireland.

    Annual National Conference

    The annual Auditel National Conference will enable you to meet suppliers and Auditel consultants, as well as providing a forum to review the previous year’s achievements and set targets for the future.