Why Auditel? : Franchise Earning Potential

Low risk, high yield

NOW is better than NEVER

Do you want a business with an astoundingly high net profit percentage? Well over 200 other people have already said ‘YES’ to this question and now enjoy net profits of around 70%.

We see many directors and senior level managers who come to our Discovery Days who tell us that they are tired of treading water in the corporate world. Although they have reasonable salaries, they are still working for someone else who is yielding the cream of the profits, a tasty bi-product of their long hours.

Many of these same directors and managers join Auditel as they would rather be sitting on the fringe of the corporate world, with a similar or higher salary, working less hours AND from the comfort of their own home. This section of our site will give you an initial insight into how this is possible. We discuss earnings in much more detail from our Discovery Day sessions onwards as we get to know each other better.

Auditel can work for you

Whatever your aspirations are, Auditel can work for you, if you want to:

  • Earn more
  • Travel less
  • Work from home
  • Work full or part time
  • Replace a good director salary
  • Build strong, long term business contracts
  • Offer a pioneering service (we are the founders of strategic cost management across the UK)
  • Access low overheads and high support which mean you can hit the ground running

A Flexible Structure

Everyone is different, that’s why we have built in a flexible structure. This allows you to build your Auditel business the way you want to. There are different ways to earn what you want and we explain more about how this can work at our Discovery Days. A typical single practitioner working full time in an established business with 15 to 25 clients can expect their net profit to be over 70%.