Why Auditel? : Home-based Business

Run your business from home

Build a profitable home- based franchise

The beauty of the Auditel business model is that it lends itself perfectly to working from home. You won’t need to rent office space or employ admin staff. Apart from the Auditel business system all you need to get started is a desk, a computer, a phone, access to the internet and the determination to succeed.

There are many benefits to running a business from your home, including:

  • low overheads
  • no commuting
  • flexibility to choose your own working hours
  • more time to spend with friends and family
  • more time to spend on your own interests

Everything you need to run your own Auditel business

The main benefit of investing in a franchise rather than starting a business from scratch is that you have access to a proven business system. The Auditel business system is basically a kit containing all the tools and knowledge you will need to become a successful Auditel consultant and build a profitable home-based franchise business that meets your income and lifestyle goals. Our kit combines intellectual property, guidance and advice (‘how to’ knowledge) and bespoke tools designed to help you put the ‘how to’ knowledge into practice.

Auditel Business System

The Auditel business system includes:

  • Web-based business management tools designed to help you plan ahead and accurately measure your success
  • Analysis tools and spreadsheets
  • Market tendering and technical tools
  • Reporting and invoicing tools
  • Report and letter templates
  • Advanced Marketing and PR toolkit, including a comprehensive pack of printed and electronic deliverables
  • Your own optimised website
  • Access to our Partnership Programme
  • A powerful online resource centre known as the Auditel Business Management System (ABMS)
  • An internet-based bulletin board enabling you to share knowledge and information with your colleagues