Why Auditel? : Award-winning Training, Mentoring and Support

Award-winning Training, Mentoring and Support

Franchise Training, Mentoring and Support

In 2012, Auditel won the coveted bfa HSBC Franchisee Support Award and has been a finalist every year for the last seven years in the Franchise Marketing Awards for Best Franchisee Marketing Support.

Over the last 21 years we have developed a comprehensive programme of personal and professional development. All of the training, mentoring and professional development workshops are included in your membership fees, even those developed after you have joined the Auditel network.

Initial Residential training course

During your first few weeks with Auditel you will attend a residential training course hosted by specialist trainers, mentors and business coaches, some of whom who are existing consultants and expert practitioners. You will learn how to:

  • Acquire clients
  • Audit and analyse a wide range of business costs
  • Use bespoke training and business analysis tools
  • Negotiate new services with suppliers
  • Develop a strong client relationship

Your initial training is only the start of the journey. Auditel’s on-going Mentoring Programme gives you every opportunity to build your business into a highly successful and sustainable career.

Auditel Personal Development Programme

This programme is based on decades of research and focusses on how a change of approach to a ‘winning edge’ mindset can generate success and excellence in everyday lives.

The Auditel Business Management System

Another comprehensive resource is the Auditel Business Management System (ABMS), Auditel’s bespoke online knowledge management tool. This contains both historic and current information regarding suppliers, tariffs and clients, and a message board for consultants to share their expertise and is always available for you to consult.

The Support Team

Our support team consists of over 45 trainers and mentors who will work with you to ensure you have the skills and tools you need to achieve the objectives you set for your Auditel business. This support includes:

  • Access to over 45 mentors and 200 colleagues
  • Training in our exclusive Total Cost of Purchase® Model plus over 20 additional services
  • Business Start-Up, Technical and Management Manuals
  • Software and Web-based Tools
  • Opportunity to work in project teams or joint ventures and to become sector experts

Life-long training and professional development

When you join Auditel, it’s important to understand that the learning process never stops. Markets change and opportunities evolve. As an Auditel cost management specialist you will be encouraged to embrace these advances through targeted webinars, training courses and workshops.

Your training and professional development programme will include:

  • 12 days residential training covering all aspects of the Auditel business
  • 3 follow-up workshops and 6-monthly reviews for the first 18 months
  • Annual reviews thereafter or one-to-one meetings as required
  • Unlimited access to the support team and network of over 200 colleagues for further help and advice

Ongoing training and professional development also includes:

  • A wide range of training and strategy workshops
  • Regional Meetings (4 per year)
  • Annual Supplier Exhibition
  • Annual National Conference
  • Business planning and personal development

The Auditel training and personal development programme has been designed to help you do just that. As well as business planning and management tools, our Marketing Manager and Business Development Managers will work with you to design a personalised programme of telephone and one-to-one mentoring to ensure you stay on track and meet your objectives.