Why now is the perfect time to join Auditel

Why now is the perfect time to join Auditel

Arnold Palmer, regarded as one of the world’s greatest golfers once said “Timing is everything in life and in golf”. Much the same can be said for the decision to start a new business. You might have the best business concept in the world but if you launch it before the market is ready for it, it may still fail.

With this influential statement in mind, it raises the question as to when is the right time to start a new business.  It’s all to easy to consider that to ‘wait and see’ could be the safe bet, but if everyone does this, as well as missing significant opportunities right now, you will likely face overwhelming competitive challenges as services offerings of all shapes and sizes ‘switch back on’ at the same moment.  So, why is now the perfect time to start or expand your business with a franchise license from Auditel?

Auditel is an exciting management consultancy organisation who train and support licensed partners to run their own consulting practice. They in turn provide procurement, supply chain management and business transformation solutions to clients that may be organisations of wide-ranging sizes and across various sectors.

Managing Director Chris Aston explains why now is such an opportune time for people starting their own Auditel franchise business, “While lockdown has provided challenges for UK business it has also opened the eyes of many business leaders to the need to be more flexible and responsive. This change in mindset has seen the level of interest in our advice grow, as more and more organisations see the importance of implementing flexible supplier solutions while maximising cost savings through effective procurement. We have also seen a spike in the take up of our retained procurement service by many new and existing clients.

One recent example of the demand for retained procurement advice can be seen in a large health care provider who, with the help of Auditel, recently moved away from a shared service procurement contract they had been for years and appointed Lee Freeman, an Auditel licensed partner, as their outsourced procurement manager on a £5,000 per month retainer. Freeman explains how he is developing his Auditel business across a portfolio of clients “It is great to be able offer my clients Auditel’s consultancy solutions and bring real value to their organisations. My aim is to build a portfolio of around 10 clients all using me in the same way. For me this offers the best of both worlds, the security of a retainer fee but while still leaving me the flexibility of working from home and controlling my own diary.

Another strong reason why now is the perfect time to start or expand your business with a franchise license from Auditel is that many organisations in the UK will be coming out of lockdown with fresh vision. Whilst the pandemic has caused heartache and difficulties for many, it has also given business leaders an insight into a different way of doing things. Much of this new insight stems from the long held views of “sacred cows” in the organisation.

The term “sacred cow” emanates from the Hindus’ respect for the cow as a holy animal within the village which cannot be harmed. In the modern business world, it means an idea, custom, or institution held to be above criticism. A function or process which just cannot be challenged or changed.

The events of 2020 have caused many organisations to cut significant costs and to make rather radical infrastructure changes. In some cases, this would have been overnight with the closure of offices, introduction of home working, suspension of supply agreements and furloughing of staff.

Auditel have seen first-hand in lots of their own clients how this forced change has opened the eyes of the business leaders to areas of the organisation which were previously considered “sacred cows” and how they are now open for challenge. Why should their business just aspire to return to the way things were, if in fact things can be so much better?

Auditel’s 25 years of experience in supplier selection and management combined with an experienced network of nearly 100 franchise partners, enables Auditel’s network to help clients transform the cost base of their organisations like no one else can. This might involve helping with IT system selection to support home working staff or vetting and implementation of third-party logistics solutions to remove warehouse space, both of which help with the reduction of real estate footprints to reduce significant costs from within the business.

One of the most exciting elements introduced into Auditel’s services and solutions for clients is the introduction of Auditel’s new Net Zero team. A working group of Auditel franchise partners within the Auditel brand engage with clients to reach Net Zero emission targets. Where Auditel are different to most carbon reduction services is that as well as having a growing team of carbon experts, they combine this with over 25 years supplier selection experience to make the entire Net Zero process a potential cost saving project.

David James, Auditel Licensed Partner, says “I simply love the fact I can discuss all the issues and challenges that clients face and then back it up with solutions by assembling teams of the experts from throughout the Auditel community to deliver. It means my business is also profiting off other people’s expertise and time.  A fantastic benefit for me is that I am running a consultancy business that is not limited by my own time.

For all these reasons and more it would seem now is most definitely the right time to consider taking control of your own destiny and becoming a licensed partner with Auditel. For further information about the opportunity please contact Nick Tubb on 01962 893067 or email nick.tubb@auditel.co.uk .

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