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Paul Foster

As a franchisee, Paul Foster has discovered the advantage of an Auditel franchise is found in the collaborative nature of the network.

Prior to joining Auditel in 2011, Paul Foster was a business development director, offering printing and marketing services to banks and retailers. “I reached a point, when a change in senior management led me to realise I’d had enough of corporate politics!” he admits. “It was when I was introduced to Auditel I realised I could take control of my future. In spite of not having all the relevant experience, I knew I could apply my existing skills and insight to build a successful business.”

The Auditel franchise model, which has been developed for over two decades, allows franchisees to build their own successful business offering expert consultation to high-level management on all areas of business management strategies. Many Auditel franchisees choose to specialise in a particular industry, such as hospitality, charity or retail, and have identified key areas they can save clients’ money.

But the true advantage of an Auditel franchise is found in the collaborative nature of the network:

1. Becoming an expert

Despite not having the past experience, Paul has discovered many of his biggest clients are involved in the restaurant industry. With Auditel’s training and support and the expert knowledge of the Auditel network, Paul developed the ability to save his clients money in key areas, which led to them developing a trust in his capabilities when things became tough.

As Paul recalls, “One of my clients, Red Hot World Buffet, initially invited me to discuss their energy procurement, and I immediately saved them 25.9%. This gave them confidence to invite me to investigate other areas of cost-management. A few years later, when, they went into administration, they trusted the Auditel network to support them. We enabled them to continue trading through negotiating existing contracts and the CEO set-up two local restaurants both of which are still trading. They sold the Milton Keynes branch to a third party, which also continues to trade.”

2. Using your expert knowledge to benefit the franchise network

Like Paul, your expertise can become hugely beneficial both to your clients and to the whole Auditel network. “In 2017, I was invited to join Auditel’s Catering & Hospitality Working Group by Head of Business Development, Max Kent.” Paul explains. “In collaborating our ideas, and working alongside the franchisor, we have already developed a multi-million-pound opportunity for Auditel, changing how we market to certain sectors.”

3. Finding answers in others’ expert knowledge

There may be times when a client presents a situation you may not have the expertise to be able to resolve. Within the Auditel network, there will be someone you can joint-venture with for the benefit of your client.

As Paul recalls, “One of my early clients, global charity World Vision, needed help with their UK contact centre. When I spoke with the manager, I realised there was more I could offer, once we had resolved the issue she presented me with. My problem was though, I knew nothing about contact centres. Fortunately, within the network was a franchisee who used to work for the actual contact centre World Vision used. I spoke to him about the problem, admitting I couldn’t offer a solution. He offered both a solution and how to action it.”

By joining the Auditel network, the hard work of creating systems and relationships is already in place, leaving you free to build your business your way, using the model we have developed.

“I am passionate about growing my Auditel business, but I also enjoy sharing profitable ideas with the network,” Paul says. “As part of the Auditel network, I’m not a one-man band, and love to generate opportunities for my business, and for the wider network – which is easily achievable with Auditel. Last year, I was awarded the Positive Contribution 2017 award, by the network! This, combined with how I feel about my business, makes waking up for work each day easy.”

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